For more than 50 years, the internationally established Karam Group has constantly evolved, pushed boundaries and raised standards to earn accolades amongst their peers. Constantly exceeding expectations, the group’s reputation for efficiency, reliability and trust is renowned in Australia and abroad.

With a presence in Australia, China, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the Middle East, the strength of the group is underpinned by their dedicated team of professional engineers, architects, consultants, and support staff.

Their leadership and acumen in applying new technology, in both management and operations, couples with their determination to overcome tough challenges is the major driving force behind the company’s success. It has dramatically contributed to the overall standard of quality they pride themselves on upholding.

Hayes Anderson Lynch Architects is a Brisbane based, design focused architectural, interior design, and town planning practice recognised for continued success in achieving high quality award winning outcomes. Over the past 25 years HAL Architects have designed and successfully seen to fruition over 300 apartments and mixed use buildings which now form a quintessential part of the new Brisbane urban landscape.

The expectations of new apartment owners in Brisbane along with other quality cities worldwide is that their apartments will not only have been designed as interesting and delightful living environments, but also that the context of the apartment building be such that they respect the privacy of each individual dwelling while at the same time providing safe and interesting surrounding facilities for recreation, connection, shopping, and business.

HAL Architects has embraced this challenge and continues to develop ideas through long-term experience and an exceptional in-house design team.